Building A Unified Civic Society Voice and Vision for our Future

Community Dialogue will host a consensus building workshop event that will provide participants with the opportunity to empower themselves, to become socially engaged, to build a collective vision, and to challenge the attitudes and systems inhibiting their participation in decision-making processes.

Participants will be supported by our skilled facilitators to explore opportunities to have their voices heard, identify issues that matter to them, build consensus around these issues and contribute to cross-community action plans. With subsequent opportunities to share their experiences and ideas directly with local and regional decision-makers and influencers.

Our event will be open and accessible to all and contributes to efforts to evolve an empowered, united, civic voice and participative movement, working to transform a shared vision for the future into reality.

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Belfast City Council

Community Dialogue

Organiser Bio: Community Dialogue is an organisation committed to a dialogue process, developed over the years, to help transform understanding and build trust amongst people who often hold opposing political, social and religious views.

Contact Name: Aisling Bishop

Contact Number: 07920013920

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts Duncairn Complex Duncairn Avenue Belfast BT14 6BP

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