Working closely with the Stop Attacks Forum, Partisan Productions researched and developed a short dramatic monologue and performance which explores the impact of paramilitary control and coercion on marginalised young  men in socially deprived neighbourhoods.

The piece specifically highlights the devastating impact of “paramilitary-style attacks” on victims, their families and wider society.  In response to Covid-19 restrictions on live workshop events we have developed the work as a short animated film.

Conor is intended to offer a  resource to youth and community workers across N. Ireland initiating discussions on issues of paramilitary control and coercion.  We hope to contribute to better public discourse around this issue, in all its complexity,  and to support dialogues involving local communities and the young people who live there.

Anyone interested in discussing the project should please contact Partisan Productions.

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Organiser Bio: Partisan Productions is a professional Theatre and Film production company committed to creating socially engaged art.

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