A series of cross cultural workshops, seminars, concerts and demonstrations. The content will be song, music, dance and verse.

Through the mediums of cross cultural song, music, dance and verse. We will organise a series of workshops, seminars, concerts and demonstrations, to highlight the importance of these activities. This will bring all of our communities together, to celebrate the depth of our diverse cultures. It will also enhance the self esteem and mental wellbeing, of all involved.


Causeway Coast & Glens

North West Toungues, Tones and Tapping

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Bringing Communities Together through Expressions of Culture

NWTTT was formed in 1995.  It was set up to organise workshops, seminars and performances in the medium of cross cultural song, verse, dance and music.  Participants are invited to demonstrate their skills in a cross cultural festival, which includes the ethnic minority community.  The aim is to bring communities together and celebrate what we have in common and increase respect for diversity.  This project builds on last year’s week-long festival by organising musical and culture workshops and discussion groups throughout February and March.

Contact Name: George Murphy

Contact Number: 07841560742

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 34 Greenhaven Dungiven BT474RW