Delivering Social Value in Northern Ireland

We can choose to take action for a better, more sustainable future.  One of the actions we can take is to choose to spend our money in a way which maximises its social value.

The Northern Ireland Government invests close to £3 billion each year in public sector contracts and this enables us to effect change.  To maximise this investment, from the 1st of June 2022, the Northern Ireland Executive has committed to mandatory scoring of social value within public procurement contracts in services and in works.

This video will share:

  • What Social Value is
  • How Social Value can bring broader benefits to society as a whole
  • People’s personal stories demonstrating the positive impact Social Value is delivering in Northern Ireland

Including social value in public contracts offers important opportunities for suppliers and local communities to work together to drive value from every pound invested in Northern Ireland and achieve a sustainable future for all.

Check out our video for the event here:  


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