KickOff@3 Tournament

KickOff@3 seeks to use Football sport and music to engage young people from all communities through the participation in tournaments throughout the UK.

The National Black Police Association brought the concept to Belfast in 2018 and with the support of PSNI and the IFA Foundation the 3rd tournament in Northern Ireland will be held this year.

Over 150 young people aged 15-17 will take part, with the winners qualifying for the grand final in London in 2022. Catrina Lewis, mum of Northern Ireland International Jamal Lewis is an ambassador for KickOff@3 and will be in Belfast for the event.

Venue: Newforge Country Club


For further information on this event, please contact the event organiser.


Belfast City Council

IrishFA Foundation

Organiser Bio: Irish Football Association Foundation- Northern Ireland

For the past 141 years, the Irish Football Association has organised, promoted and developed football. It has discovered some of the greatest talents to ever play the game, helped make history in major tournaments on the world stage and perhaps most important of all, engendered a life-long love of football in generations of men and women.

Contact Email: [email protected]