‘To The Beat of the Drum’ Podcast 3: Hamilton Flute Band in Swinford

The 3rd in our week of podcasts features the Hamilton Flute Band as they look back to their trips to the Síamsa Sráide Street Festival Swinford in 1995 & 2019.

This podcast features band members Robert McGonigle & Tim Cairns as they look back at their at their trips to Swinford in 1995 and 2019 and how they were pioneers for Northern Ireland marching bands playing in the Republic of Ireland and what it was like to return 25 years later.

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Derry City & Strabane

Londonderry Bands Forum

Organiser Bio: The Londonderry Bands Forum are members of the Confederation of Ulster Bands and have lobbied on behalf of all bands with government and statutory agencies in order to try to stop music, culture and bands being used as a political football between various political factions. The organisations offers practical employment based training to members through Event Management and Driving Skills courses. They have also offered young leader training and work on media training, both social and mainstream, and promote achievement for all in the education system.

Contact Name: Stephen Porter

Contact Number: 0780 931 5636

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Address: 20-22 Hawkin Street Londonderry BT48 6RE

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