Our Voices: Looking Beyond Borders Launch

NI Youth Forum are proud to launch our first cross-border youth-led research!

This is an island-wide research piece for 11-25 years old’s in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Irish Government.

Through this research, we hope to gather the views of young people on topics such as identity, culture, covid-19, the past and the future.

As with our previous research, we will use these findings to promote the voice of young people and speak truth to power to decision-makers and those in positions of power.

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Belfast City Council

Northern Ireland Youth Forum

Organiser Bio: The Northern Ireland Youth Forum is youth led. This means that it is run by young people and is all about young people. Any young person aged 11-25 can get involved. We were set up in 1979 by the Department of Education to represent the views of young people to government and other decision makers. Since 1979 the Youth Forum has received it’s funding from the Department of Education via the Youth Council for Northern Ireland. We believe that all young people have ideas and opinions worth listening to and we want to help you get involved in changing things in your school, community, and in society. We aim to support young people to raise and discuss issues of importance to them. We work at different levels on a wide range of exciting projects across communities.

Contact Name: Lauren McAreavey

Contact Number: 028 9033 1990

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Northern Ireland Youth Forum 68 Berry Street Belfast BT1 1FJ

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