Refugee women roundtable conversation

A refugee women roundtable conversation held by BOMOKO NI.

This discussion will offer asylum seekers women and women of local communities and associations to interact and build bridges of trust, respect and understanding.

This will also allow each other to learn and respect each others culture, and develop new ways of thinking, new knowledge and different experiences.

Please reserve your place to attend by calling 07488306233

This event will be held at Shaftesbury Community Recreation Centre (LORAG).


Belfast City Council

Northern Ireland Refugees and Asylum Seekers Women Association (BOMOKO NI)

Organiser Bio: BOMOKO NI is the only refugees and asylum seekers women (RASW) led organisation in Northern Ireland (NI). It was set up in April 2019, to represent the voice, and improve the lives of RASW by providing face-to-face advice and advocacy support services to relieve poverty and empower members, providing social integration and cultural activities, and educational opportunities for RASW. Bomoko NI connects and empowers RASW in NI to claim their rights and improve our lives through self-determination and public participation.

Contact Name: Mimi Unamoyo

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 97 balfour avenue Shaftesbury Community and Recreation Centre Belfast Bt7 2EW