Sienna Wilgaus Anime Exhibition

An online art exhibition by Sienna Wilgaus – a student at Glengormley High School that is partnered with C & S Music School Japan.  The exhibition showcases Sienna’s Anime art talents, which is similar to Japanese Manga Art. The school’s friendship project has been developed by Beyond Skin and Min-On Music Research Institute Japan and is a legacy of Anne O’Donaghue Award.

The event is part of the youth4peace Northern Ireland strategy – engaging young people with their interests and enabling them to use those skills as agents of change to make a difference in the world around them.

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Belfast City Council

Beyond Skin

Organiser Bio: Beyond Skin was established in January 2004 to use Music, Arts & New Media as a tool for cultural education & exchange aimed at addressing issues of racism and sectarianism.

Contact Name: Darren Ferguson

Contact Number: 07877756987

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Belfast Carnival Centre 11-47 Boyd Street Belfast BT13 2GU

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