TADA Multi-cultural event

The TADA multi-cultural event aims to improve community relations in the area by bringing together a cross section of the population to network, talk, dance, and experience a diverse range of cultural cuisines, music, dance and art and crafts.

This event promotes awareness and understanding of different backgrounds and cultures through information and workshop activities.

We will have participants from a wide range of cultural backgrounds including, Mini Mula Dancers, traditional Bulgarian Dancing, Chinese Fan Dance, DHOL Drummers, traditional Mexican Dancing, Bollywood Dancer, Scottish Dancer, Irish Dancers, Irish traditional music and African traditional music. We also will provide a variety of workshop of traditional arts and crafts that participants could participate in.

Our event will be held on Saturday 1st October at 12.30pm in Millennium Court, Portadown.


Millennium Court 2 William Street, Portadown, Armagh BT62 3NX,



Armagh City Banbridge & Craigavon

The Armagh, Down and Antrim Rural Support Network (TADA)

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