Walls of Shame film

Walls of Shame by French film maker Sylvie Garat, is a unique insight into daily life along the Falls/Shankill interface walls. 50 years after the walls went up in August 1969, this political documentary highlights the desires of both communities to move us all “Beyond the Gates”.

Key themes of economic deprivation, peace building, and reconciliation are dealt with in an open an honest way. The uncertainty and de-stabilising impact of Brexit is tackled as we try and plot our future journey together.

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Belfast City Council

Falls Residents Association

Organiser Bio: The Falls residents Association works with local residents to deal with issues that affect residents daily lives. Working with statutory agencies to ensure that the best possible service delivery is given to the community.

Contact Name: Robert McClenaghan

Contact Number: 077 5250 0513

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 1a Divis Tower Belfast BT12 4QA

Website: Visit Website