What is our brighter days ahead?

Guest speakers including women from The Barronettes group looking at their views on our Brighter Days Ahead and discussing what kind of a future would they like or see.

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Antrim & Newtownabbey

Community Relations Forum

Organiser Bio: The Community Relations Forum (CRF) was established in 2003 (existed prior to this as Newtownabbey Community Relations Forum 1993 - 2003) to respond to the needs of the residents of the Newtownabbey borough. The core business of the Community Relations Forum is under-pinned by Equality, Good Relations and inclusion for all: “To promote good community relations, by encouraging honest and open dialogue, enabling people to have a better understanding of and respect for each others views and opinions”. We run a drop in womens group, youth group, mens drop in, music, training and community development.

Contact Number: 07801989917

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: The Barron Hall 230 Antrim Road Glengormley BT36 7QX

Website: Visit Website