The Emigrant Woman’s Tale – A Film by Alistair Livingstone

The Light Theatre Company will screen the ‘Emigrant Woman’s Tale’ film for a cross-community audience with a discussion about emigration/immigration, memories of the Troubles and the Cold War.

The film of Fil Campbell and Csilla Toldy’s stage show was directed by Alistair Livingstone and made during the lock down with a small professional film crew from Slack Press Studio in Newry.

The film will be held at the Rostrevor Inn.

Tickets are £9.50 including wine and finger food.

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Working closely with the Stop Attacks Forum, Partisan Productions researched and developed a short dramatic monologue and performance which explores the impact of paramilitary control and coercion on marginalised young  men in socially deprived neighbourhoods.

The piece specifically highlights the devastating impact of “paramilitary-style attacks” on victims, their families and wider society.  In response to Covid-19 restrictions on live workshop events we have developed the work as a short animated film.

Conor is intended to offer a  resource to youth and community workers across N. Ireland initiating discussions on issues of paramilitary control and coercion.  We hope to contribute to better public discourse around this issue, in all its complexity,  and to support dialogues involving local communities and the young people who live there.

Anyone interested in discussing the project should please contact Partisan Productions.

For more info, please contact

Youth In Action, Short Film – Rio Ferdinand Foundation

NI Hyatt Football Tournament 2021: The initiative was part of the Youth In Action programme, in collaboration with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and UEFA Foundation with the aim to train and support young people by developing leadership skills and taking a lead in tackling inequality and racism in their own communities in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

15 young people from the Syrian refugee community completed a qualification and worked with the NI Hyatt team, partners and volunteers to deliver a family football and cultural event in Portadown People’s Park.

The short film, funded by the Rio Ferdinand Foundation in collaboration with partners and produced by 906 Film, is being promoted to showcase and celebrate the exceptional work carried out by the group so far. This initiative marks the cornerstone of what is planned to be an ongoing programme of youth led citizenship and social action to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

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An Ulster Gaelic Bible Film

This event tracks the journey taken by a well-known working-class unionist, Brian Ervine, whose Christian beliefs led him to take an interest in a Bible in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language. We join him in his journey to Donegal to discover the source of the Bible. He learns he has more in common with the locals than he had envisaged. For example, a keen Somme historian, Brian discovers that many Donegal men fought and died for the British in WWI. The programme is an eye-opener for unionists who perceive Donegal to be alien to them and who would not include the county in self-conceptions of ‘Ulster’.

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Wave Goodbye to Dinosaurs Film Screening

NI Rural Women’s Network partnered with Rural Community Network will be screening – ‘Wave Goodbye to Dinosaurs’.

‘Wave Goodbye to Dinosaurs’ is the extraordinary story of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition, a cross-community party formed in 1996. by local working and middle class women.

Frustrated with the stalemate of local politics, the women ran a door-to-door campaign to win 2 seats at the historic peace talks, which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement.

Timely and inspiring, Wave Goodbye to Dinosaurs is a compelling example of how grassroots activism can bring about real change.

Thursday 23rd September from 7pm – 8.30pm (via zoom)

Please register using the link below.

Film Premiere of ‘Integrate Education through the eyes of young people’

The film “Integrated Education … through the eyes of young people” will be premiered at the QFT followed by a panel discussion on the nature of integrated education. The film and discussion will explore the nature of good relations through an integrated schooling system.

The Integrated Education Fund secured a grant from CRC Media Programme to make a film exploring integrated education through the lived experiences of past and current pupils on integrated schools.

Due to social distancing numbers are limited in the QFT.


Free outdoor screening of Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)

Free outdoor screening of Gnomeo & Juliet movie (cert U). This comical animated re-boot of Shakespeare’s play takes place in a world of warring garden gnomes but this doesn’t stop Gnomeo & Juliet from falling in love. Will they have a future together?

Also on Saturday 25th September Outdoor terrace, Flowerfield Arts Centre 185 Coleraine Road

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‘Inspire Us’ Competition

We want your ideas! Get involved in creating a Good Relations advertising campaign for Causeway Coast and Glens, make it your own!

Participants must be residents of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area.

Registration to participate in the competition can be made by contacting


Young Hearts and Minds Conference 2021

This promotional video for Action Trama’s Youth Conference: Young Hearts and Minds. This is a one-day conference which will be held on the 20th & 21st October at the La Mon Hotel.

Young Hearts & Minds Conference is for everyone who has a passion for the well-being and mental health of children and young people. This is an opportunity to explore how to start the healing process and beat the long-term effects of early trauma, which can have a serious impact on a child’s development, throughout their youth, and into adulthood. These impacts of mental health, happen far and wide across our community and we aim to provide support and resources for those working with vulnerable children and young adults.

The Female Eye: Film Launch

The premiere of a series of short films created by women in the northwest during a smartphone filmmaking programme delivered by PRONI as part of the Making the Future project.

Each first-time filmmaker created a one-minute short film on a subject of their choice, including family stories, farming, nature, and domestic violence which will be premiered during this online event featuring a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The films will be made available as a resource for others to engage with and learn from and are an expression of the culture and identity of people from the area. This programme was delivered by PRONI as part of the Making the Future project, funded by the PEACE IV programme.