T:BUC Engagement Forum – The Good Friday Agreement, 25 years on

The Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) Engagement Forum takes place on Tuesday 19 September 2023 at the Ebrington Hotel, Derry City.

This T:BUC Engagement Forum will explore some aspects of the outworking from the Good Friday Agreement and its impact delivering good relations and a sustainable legacy by investing in regeneration. The event will be hosted by Tim McGarry and will include a panel discussion and presentations on the role of, for example, shared housing and regeneration. This Engagement Forum will provide us with the opportunity to look forward at what is being done as well as explore what can/is still being done.

For the first time ever the Engagement Forum will be extended into the afternoon. Participants can choose an option from a series of afternoon sessions. These include:

  • Whistle stop tour of community-based GR projects within Derry city;
  • A tour of the Ebrington site and Peace Bridge and the development it has experienced; or
  • Networking opportunity with a range of participating groups and organisations alongside fringe presentations, exploring a range of topics including social value.

Please feel free to register your place and indicate which afternoon session you will join.

Early booking would be advised as this event is regularly fully booked very quickly.

Book your ticket now on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tbuc-engagement-forum-the-good-friday-agreement-25-years-on-tickets-703330158437

For further details, please contact Paul Killen by email: pkillen@nicrc.org.uk

Building Ethnic Support and Understanding

Community Engagement Night with attendees from across the Ethnic and Settled spectrum.

Five Groups promoting their Faith, Culture, Cuisine and Arts.

Each group will be provided with appropriate safe space to display their wares and promote cultural awareness to the wider settled and ethnic community.

The aim of the project is to promote a better understanding of the vibrant society that we live in and the wide range of cultural identities within it. It will promote better understanding, inclusion, respect and more so acceptance of each groups’ unique characteristics. It will build upon community bonding, create friendships and ultimately build good connections that will heighten active community engagement and partnerships going forward.

Currently there is fear and distrust within the community among our respective groupings which is preventing respective groups part-taking in community projects such as health and well-being, educational programmes and training opportunities. We need to avail of this funding opportunity to promote inclusion that builds upon respect of everyone’s identity and promotes harmony moving forward.