School of Sanctuary Celebration Event

Schools of Sanctuary programme, developed by the City of Sanctuary initiative, helps pupils to develop cultural awareness across the curriculum and strengthens connections with the wider community.

The programme supports schools to further develop welcoming and inclusive places for newcomer pupils and their families, where each child thrives and cultural diversity is celebrated. This is a place where every child feels safe and accepted regardless of what they believe, where they are from or what they look like. This helps schools to achieve School of Sanctuary status, which recognises successful approaches to diversity awareness and providing those welcoming places for pupils and their families.

The programme is led by the Education Authority (EA) and is supported by Urban Villages funding which enables schools to release teachers onto EA led training and to lead development of school action plans (including newcomers to the region).

This event will celebrate and showcase the great work these schools have done to create welcoming, inclusive schools – helping  pupils, teachers and families build a shared future.

Celebration of learning / Practising Language

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council are celebrating Good Relations Week by hosting an afternoon of learning for participants who are learning English as part of an ESOL programme.

ESOL classes have been delivered specifically for the new arrivals from Ukraine who are really keen to learn basic English to assist them in settling into the Causeway area. The class will help improve outcomes for adults and children who use English as a second or additional language.

Families will come together for a therapeutic kite making workshop during which they will have the opportunity to express themselves though art whilst practising the English language.