Joint Forum Meeting

The Community Relations Council will host a joint forum meeting along with the Equality Commission and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and all Trusts, BSO and the DOH Equality leads.

This is a closed meeting.

Sexuality in Ireland 1900-2020

‘Sexuality in Ireland, 1900-2020’ will explore the impact and legacy of events surrounding partition on life and society today. The event will offer up viewpoints for the varied aspects of culture and society that have existed in Ireland for over 100 years and help people understand how societal and cultural diversity can be celebrated.

‘Sexuality in Ireland, 1900-2020’ is the first in a series of events from the Nerve Centre’s Creative Centenaries project exploring the legacy of partition and the formation of Northern Ireland.

This event will be chaired by Dr Tom Hulme (Queens University Belfast), featuring a talk titled ‘Gay Life at the Time of Partition, and will feature contributions from Ulster Unionist Party minister and civil rights activist Jeffrey Dudgeon, Sinn Féin councillor and Here NI Coordinator for the LGBT Heritage Project Mary Ellen Campbell, and University College Dublin’s Páraic Kerrigan.

This event is FREE and will be held as a Zoom Webinar. A link to join the webinar will be sent via email ahead of the event.

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Theatre of Witness Virtual Workshop by The Playhouse Theatre

The Play House Theatre will be hosting virtual workshop ‘Theatre of Witness’ on Tuesday 21st of September at 11am.

The Theatre of Witness is a form of testimonial performance, performed by people sharing their personal and collective stories of suffering, transformation and peace.

The work brings people together across divides of difference to bear witness to truth, healing and reconciliation. Engage with performers and storytellers from all sides and realties of The Troubles to explore the path to healing from conflict.

Workshops enable the performers to screen video footage of their original Theatre of Witness production and talk about their experiences. The workshops are also given the opportunity for participants to ask questions about things that are rarely spoken about. Performers include former police officers, paramilitaries and relatives of those killed or injured.

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Our Voices: Looking Beyond Borders Launch

NI Youth Forum are proud to launch our first cross-border youth-led research!

This is an island-wide research piece for 11-25 years old’s in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Irish Government.

Through this research, we hope to gather the views of young people on topics such as identity, culture, covid-19, the past and the future.

As with our previous research, we will use these findings to promote the voice of young people and speak truth to power to decision-makers and those in positions of power.

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T:BUC Engagement Forum

The Engagement Forum will showcase community-based activity that demonstrates positive delivery of the T:BUC Strategy.

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Hair Brush! Singing Workshop with Siobhan Brown and Rwanda Shaw

As part of Good Relations Week 2021, Hair Brush! The Singing Workshop will focus on the cultural significance, heritage , sensitivities and social pressures of hair for people from African and Caribbean communities or of African descent.

In this fun but powerful virtual workshop Siobhan Brown (Singer, radio presenter, founder of Manukahunney & Cairde Community Choir) and Rwanda Shaw (Musician & Songwriter) will talk about how to overcome fears, peer pressure and cultural differences while learning how to show the world your authentic self.

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(Please note, this is a virtual workshop).

Do We Listen and Learn from Local Peace Practitioners?

This online event is recognition and celebration of many years of Good Relation and peacebuilding work carried out by community activists.

Co-hosted by practitioners and academics, the event will explore how we can better harness the knowledge gained by peace practitioners to strengthen social policy. You will also learn more on how they collaborate with academia to build more robust and nuanced theory, and finally, to challenge, energise and inspire the next generation of civil society peacebuilders.

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Small Worlds – Virtual Workshop

Small Words virtual workshop will provide opportunity to meet local individuals who come from other parts of the world and learn about their experiences and backgrounds.

There is a wide range of misconceptions of “other” communities and a need to create an understanding of others and reduce myths. Through round table discussions (virtual at this time) this Small Worlds event will allow participants to meet and engage with those who have come to settle here from other countries and cultures.

The workshop will provide a safe space for participants to encounter people from different parts of the world, managed by an experienced facilitator, and will give participants a glimpse into real lives including: growing up in a different part of the world, a different culture or religious background, a different environment or climate. living far away from your family and friends. challenges of being new to Northern Ireland. different reasons for moving to Northern Ireland.

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