Video Profile of Local Young Photographer Sarah Little

The Community Relations Council presents a video profile of a young photographer, Sarah Little, and the creation of her creative photography project that aims to highlight climate change as one of the 21 Artists for the 21st Century by the NI Office.

The video profile documents the creation of the unique series of photographs and includes an interview with the young photographer.

Lord Mayor launching Good Relations Week for BHSCT

The Lord Mayor will do a speech to open GRW for Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.

The speech will be delivered virtually, and will be available on Belfast Health & Social Care Trust social media platforms.

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‘To The Beat of the Drum’ Podcast 3: Hamilton Flute Band in Swinford

The 3rd in our week of podcasts features the Hamilton Flute Band as they look back to their trips to the Síamsa Sráide Street Festival Swinford in 1995 & 2019.

This podcast features band members Robert McGonigle & Tim Cairns as they look back at their at their trips to Swinford in 1995 and 2019 and how they were pioneers for Northern Ireland marching bands playing in the Republic of Ireland and what it was like to return 25 years later.

Day 5 of 5: Culture and Identity: 100 years and beyond – NICCY Youth Panel’s Child Rights perspective to Culture and Identity

Day 5 of 5:
The centenary year since the creation of Northern Ireland, is for some, a cause for celebration as a new region of the United Kingdom was born. However, for others it is 100 years of division of Ireland.  In recognition of the UNCRC and children and young people’s rights to celebrate their culture, NICCY and its Youth Panel looked at the right of the child to explore and celebrate their cultural identity and to recognise the right of others to celebrate theirs.

The Youth Panel’s statement explores culture and identity within a child rights context and includes a series of calls to decision makers about how they can support children and young people in celebrating their culture and identity in this centenary year and beyond.

The digital content will provide the opportunity for young people to share their thoughts and ideas about culture and identity in the past, in the present and in the future.

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Community Without Hate

This programme will help you to recognise hate crime and hate-motivated incidents in your community. Become equipped in tools allowing to implement zero tolerance to hate approach in the community. We particularly welcome young people on this course as there will be an OCN accreditation option.

This is a FREE 4 week online course which will take place every Wednesday at 7pm.

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Richard Hayward’s East Antrim: A Virtual Exhibition

In a busy career, Hayward was a renowned writer, singer, actor and film-star, as well as a broadcaster, folklorist and tour guide. He recorded Orange ballads and traditional Irish folksongs and played the harp. His literary talents ranged from poetry, a novel and journalism, to 11 travel books on Ireland. We explore the life of Richard Hayward (1892-1964), through this virtual exhibition – ‘Richard Hayward’s East Antrim’

All Our Saturdays

This is an exhibition showcasing Irelands Saturday Night, a newspaper detailing Northern Irelands sporting achievements and events. Sport can bring communities together and this exhibition is part of our shared history increasing the sense of our cultural expression. These papers are housed in the Newspaper Library of Belfast Central Library – a safe and shared space for all.