The Swanzy Riots, 1920 – Online Exhibition

‘The Swanzy Riots, 1920’ details events in Lisburn following the assassination of R.I.C. District Inspector Oswald Ross Swanzy in Market Square. The murder, by members of the Cork and Belfast I.R.A., led to two nights and three days of vicious rioting, looting and burning, largely aimed at the town’s Catholic community.

Using photographs, artefacts, videos, books and uniforms, this exhibition told the story of a significant – but not well known – event in Lisburn’s rich history, and its part in the wider story of the War of Independence (1919-1922).

The Partition in Ireland/Partition of Ulster exhibition

The Partition in Ireland/Partition of Ulster exhibition and booklet explores local events and local connections to pivotal events that led to the formation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The planned touring exhibition and workshop programme will be rescheduled for 2021.

For more information please contact Nic Wright via email: 

Sienna Wilgaus Anime Exhibition

An online art exhibition by Sienna Wilgaus – a student at Glengormley High School that is partnered with C & S Music School Japan.  The exhibition showcases Sienna’s Anime art talents, which is similar to Japanese Manga Art. The school’s friendship project has been developed by Beyond Skin and Min-On Music Research Institute Japan and is a legacy of Anne O’Donaghue Award.

The event is part of the youth4peace Northern Ireland strategy – engaging young people with their interests and enabling them to use those skills as agents of change to make a difference in the world around them.

Postcards from the Edge

Postcards From the Edge is a new online exhibition – delivered by Linen Hall Library and Nerve Centre – featuring work created by participants from different community backgrounds coming together to express aspects of their post-conflict lives in postcard format, including artistic displays and thought-provoking writing.

The programme involved a group of participants from across Northern Ireland and border counties coming together to explore the past through examining Linen Hall Library’s political postcard collection and to take part in a series of creative workshops led by industry professionals.

The exhibition is part of the “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

CultureLab Online Exhibition

This virtual exhibition was created as part of “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

The project is part of the ‘Culture Lab’ strand of the programme and delivered by National Museums NI and Nerve Centre.

CultureLab is a major exhibition which launched in the Ulster Museum in February just prior to lockdown that was designed to explore cultural stereotypes and pose questions around issues of culture and identity.

When the museum closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, the project team began designing an online representation of the exhibition. The website allows visitors to virtually experience everything the exhibition has to offer and celebrates our cultural diversity in a thought provoking way.


This online exhibition entitled ‘A PEACE OF ME’ showcased reflections of participants who have journeyed with us here at Building Communities Resource Centre, either individually or as a group.

These reflection pieces took many forms of delivery such as music, poetry, photography, craft and art and be representative of the good relations work that has taken place within our Borough of Causeway Coast and Glens.

Through our ongoing community development work on the ground, we have seen the natural progression of community relations and good relations take root through increased partnership, collaboration, trust and friendship. All pieces will remain anonymous.

Aspects of Chinese Culture

Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures.  Chinese language, ceramics, architecture, musucla, dance, sport, cuisine and history have global influence, while Chinese traditions and festivals are celebrated and practiced by people around the world.

This video event aimed to showcase the Chinese communities in Northern Ireland, how diverse they are and the value they bring to their local cities, towns and villages and that they are not just involved in catering.

Unveiling of the Peace Quilt

This quilt was made by rural women from the Co. Tyrone rural village of Galbally and surrounding rural villages. The women engaged in a creative arts dialogue programme with Rural Community Network in partnership with Galbally Youth and Community Association.