Cultural Night

An evening of exploring the Protestant Culture, History and Good Relations with a guest speaker. Contact Karen to book a place.

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Stories of Life, Faith and Hope

A warm welcome is extended to people from across our community to a  series of conversations with people who have played a central role in the life of our community. This is an opportunity to explore their experience of life, faith and where they find sources of hope in their lives.

Wednesday 20th September – Rev Dr Bill Shaw OBE (CEO 174 Trust, Belfast)

  • Grew up in Belfast through worst excesses of ‘the Troubles’.
  • After 10 years in construction business studied theology at Queens University Belfast and entered Presbyterian ministry where, among other posts and after ordination, served in a church on the Shankill Road.
  • Bill is committed to ‘Building Peace and Promoting Reconciliation’ (he is both passionate about peace and realistic about reconciliation) through a number of projects, encourage dialogue and celebrate cultural diversity within the North Belfast community.

Begins at 7pm

St. Columba’s Heritage Walk

St. Columba, St. Colmcille or St. Columb? What ever name you use, you will get the opportunity to explore a story that spans over 1500 years.  We will take you on a trail of discovery that looks at a Shared Christian Heritage.  We will meet at St. Columba’s Cafe in the Park at 9.30 am for tea / coffee before our guided walk at 10 am.  Please wear appropriate gear.  This is a gentle walk and will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

An Ulster Gaelic Bible Film

This event tracks the journey taken by a well-known working-class unionist, Brian Ervine, whose Christian beliefs led him to take an interest in a Bible in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language. We join him in his journey to Donegal to discover the source of the Bible. He learns he has more in common with the locals than he had envisaged. For example, a keen Somme historian, Brian discovers that many Donegal men fought and died for the British in WWI. The programme is an eye-opener for unionists who perceive Donegal to be alien to them and who would not include the county in self-conceptions of ‘Ulster’.

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Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?

This event is in keeping with the theme ‘Brighter Days Ahead ‘and will focus on reconciliation as participants engage on the topic – “Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?”

There will be opportunities for inter-generational discussion as 6th form students from Enniskillen post-primary schools interact with Church Forum members after input from the keynote speaker Dr. Johnston McMaster well known Trinity College Adjunct Assistant Professor in Reconciliation.

Fermanagh Churches Forum is made up of church members and clergy from different Christian churches in the Enniskillen area who seek to find meaningful ways to engage with the issues affecting people in our local community. This event will be an opportunity to highlight the voices of young people.

This conference will explore aspects of a Shared Future and strategies for building a Shared Future with a special emphasis on hearing how young people see this. A ‘Level students of Politics, History and Religious Studies will have conversations with members of Fermanagh Churches Forum on reconciliation issues that have to be addressed as we journey towards a shared and peaceful future.

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Cathedral Community Association Street Party

Video footage of the residents of the Cathedral Community street party.

The Cathedral Community Street party aims to bring the community residents together by working together to achieve a shared vision – a street party!

Working together towards a common goal improves relations between all residents – young and old and people of different beliefs and backgrounds and promotes an inclusive community.

The street party cultivates a sense of pride in community whilst empowering residents to take responsibility and ownership of their community. It also provides them with a sense of leadership and educational opportunities and promotes emotional health and well-being.


Virtual Tour of St. Augustine’s Church

Take a virtual tour of the St. Augustine’s Church,  known locally as the “Wee Church on the Walls” and its  historical graveyard.  It is thought to be the site of the 6th Century monastery in the Doire Calgach area on the east side of the River Foyle near the city walls and founded by St. Colmcille (Columba). The present building dates from 1872 and is in the design of 13th Century gothic style.

Download the St. Augustine’s app to your smart device and use it as you visit the historic site on the City Walls either virtually or in person –