Almanac for a Walled City – Experience the New Interactive App

Download and experience Almanac for a Walled City, a new geolocated soundwalk app from Nerve Centre and artist Christopher Steenson that examines our relationship with the weather.

Taking the form of an interactive soundwalk accessed through a geolocated smartphone app, Almanac for a Walled City draws inspiration from the importance of almanacs and weather forecasting in Irish history to speculate on the future of Derry~Londonderry, as listeners walk along the city’s 400-year-old walls.

Surveying today’s existing landscape, users will reflect on Derry’s current place in ecological history, while contemplating how the relationship between our society and our environment might change over the next 400 years, as it is shaped by our ever-changing weather.

Delivered by Nerve Centre, the project is one of five arts projects nationwide supported by the ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund. The €250,000 fund, managed in partnership with Business to Arts, aims to support artists and arts organisations to deliver creative projects that will promote awareness of climate change and inspire positive action around sustainability and the energy transition.  

Over the last year, Christopher Steenson spent extended periods of time in the city carrying out field recordings along the Walls, and leading a programme of engagement workshops with young people and community participants. He also spent time meeting and carrying out recordings at Coolkeeragh power station and meeting ESB employees. 


ChangeMaker Podcast

Today’s workplaces are more diverse than ever, and it’s common to work with people from many different places and backgrounds. This has opened many new opportunities, but it has also created many challenges. This is why Wheelworks Arts has developed the ChangeMaker programme, addressing equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

The lead artist in the ChangeMaker programme, Lesley Cherry, was also involved in Good Relations Work in East Belfast, helping to transform some of the paramilitary murals there into pieces of public art.

In this fascinating episode of the WheelWorks Creative Works Podcast, Lesley shares her recollections of the project and her challenges and achievements.