Workshop on Climate Change

Salt Community Association are hosting a Panel discussion event on ‘Climate Change in a Rural Community’.

Attendees will have the opportunity to question a number of panelists which will include a local farmer, a climate change skeptic and a member of a Zero Waste organisation.

Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the event.

Refugee women roundtable conversation

A refugee women roundtable conversation held by BOMOKO NI.

This discussion will offer asylum seekers women and women of local communities and associations to interact and build bridges of trust, respect and understanding.

This will also allow each other to learn and respect each others culture, and develop new ways of thinking, new knowledge and different experiences.

Please reserve your place to attend by calling 07488306233

This event will be held at Shaftesbury Community Recreation Centre (LORAG).

T:BUC Engagement Forum – Good Relations Across the Atlantic

As part of this large forum, Irish FA Community Relations Officer Chris Wright will offer insight into the hugely successful, good relations programme, Connect.

Highlighting its inception during the pandemic, through online only delivery and into face to face and blended delivery, plus the outcomes such as the ambassador programme.

For more information, please contact

REACH Across Cross Community Informal Debate and Storytelling Sessions

REACH Across will organise a Good Relations event that will initially reflect on our past cross-community programmes through the stories and experiences of former members and leaders. The 2nd part of the event will allow current members to discuss current Good Relations issues and proposals, so that they can contribute to a Shared Future and to ‘Brighter Days Ahead’.

Café Culture

Café Culture event providing young people with an opportunity to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about other cultures within our community in a safe and respectful setting.

Some of the key speakers will be from PUL traditions, LGBTQ+, ex-Prisoners and the BAME community.

LGBTQ+ Information Session

Melmount Forum is hosting an information session with LGBTQ+ bringing people of all ages together with the sole objective of gaining understanding and knowledge of the barriers faced by young people in their daily lives, not only due to Covid-19 but also due to opposed opinions of what people deem right and wrong.

They hope to build stronger community cohesion, understanding, respect and inclusion for this marginalized group.

For more info, please contact

The Droichead Project

Pop up Gaeltacht and conversation circle hosted by young Irish speakers from Club ÓIGE. Come along and practice your cupla focal, guided by young Irish language enthusiasts.

For more info please contact

Libraries NI Turning Heads Panel Event at Ormeau Library

This event will complement the film Beyond Skin already produced earlier this year Roots: An Afro-Caribbean Hair Conversation. It will focus on the cultural significance, heritage, sensitivities, and social pressures of hair for people from African & Caribbean communities or of African Descent. It will be a relaxed discussion with Q&As from the audience.

The event will be led by Beyond Skin in partnership with House of 4c Salon and Lush UK Belfast. One of the panelists, Rwanda, is a professional musician and will also provide some music.

Venue – Ormeau Library, Belfast 

Tickets can be booked using the link below. 

Reading Rooms – The Coat by Carys Davies

Reading Rooms is Verbal’s shared reading model which facilitates conversation through stories and shared experiences, between people from all different backgrounds.

To celebrate Good Relations Week, Verbal Arts will be hosting 5 daily open sessions – all are welcome.

Story: The Coat by Carys Davies

Times: 11am