The Boundary Commission and South Armagh & South Down – Lecture

The lecture titled “The Boundary Commission and South Armagh & South Down: Were the Wishes of the Inhabitants Compatible with Economic and Geographic Considerations?” will be delivered by Dr. Cormac Moore, Historian-in-Residence, Dublin City Council.

The Museum will host a talk on the setting up of Northern Ireland, specifically the work of the Boundary Commission.

This lecture will highlight the debates in south Armagh & south Down areas surrounding the economic and geographic considerations to changes to the border.

The talk is free and will take place online, via Microsoft Teams.

Event Registration: Please contact with the email address you wish to use.

Shedding Light on the Past 1920-1922

Shedding Light on the Past 1920 – 1922

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council in partnership with Rural Community Network, will be hosting a six-week online lecture series by eminent historians exploring key historical events of the period 1918-1922 on the island of Ireland.

This event is the first in a series of lectures reflecting on events leading up to the partition of Ireland and the formation of Northern Ireland. It will help inform people about the past, deepen understanding of the period and provide an opportunity to have respectful and meaningful discussion.

For more information, please contact