Looking towards a shared campus – Moy Regional Primary School

Shared Education case study. Moy Regional Primary and St John’s Primary School are two of the first schools in Northern Ireland to be identified as part of the T:BUC shared education campuses programme.

The schools have a long history of sharing. For over 25 years, they have collaborated on a number of shared education projects including EMU, CRED and currently the Shared Education Signature Project.

Bridging the divide – Edenderry Nursery School

Shared Education case study. Edenderry Nursery School is located in one of Northern Ireland’s most divided interface areas. In 1998 a partnership was formed with Holy Cross Nursery School in North Belfast.

Building on common ground – Castle Tower Special School

Castle Tower has many links with other schools in the Ballymena area, particularly though the ‘Ballymena Learning Together’ community.

However, an ETI inspection report in 2017 recommended that the school should begin a programme of formal shared education. Castle Tower embarked on its shared education journey at the beginning of the 2018/19 school year with two separate projects, one for nursery pupils and the second for primary pupils.

‘Educating for life’, progressing shared education – Antrim Grammar School

Shared Education case study. Antrim Grammar is part of a three-school shared education partnership with St Benedict’s College, Randalstown and Parkhall Integrated College in Antrim.

The three schools are also involved in ‘Moving Forward Together’, an education, community and peace building partnership comprised of 19 nursery, primary, special and post-primary schools in the Antrim and Randalstown areas. Though ‘Moving Forward Together’ many joint activities took place including staff training, numeracy, literacy and SEN work. Staff from across each of the schools were able to share good practice and support pupils from across all sectors and communities.

Footsteps to Peace – 30 years of Community Relations

Northern Visions delved into recently recorded footage as well as their community archives to highlight community relations practice over the years and bring it to television screens. The documentary “Footsteps to Peace” marked Good Relations Week 2020, which celebrated 30 years of peace building and cultural diversity.

The documentary was screened on NVTV on Wednesday 16 September at 19.50 and repeated during Good Relations Week. NVTV is available on Freeview 7 in the greater Belfast area and on Virgin Media 159 across Northern Ireland. The documentary will also be available to view online at www.nvtv.co.uk

We all Bleed the Same

From the Falls and Shankill areas of Belfast. The film explored the  similarities that exist between both communities, in particular the young people. What emerged is how much they have in common and how the issue of mental health transcends all borders, boundaries, walls, barriers. In partnership with Divis Youth,  Denmark Street Community Centre, St James Swifts and R-City.

Supported by The Executive Office, Good Relations, TBUC: Together Building United Communities

A talk on The History of Boomhall

A Talk on Boomhall, a Georgian Villa, Stables, Walled Garden and Landscape Parkland occupied in the past by Major Merchant Families engaged in the Emigration and Goods Trades with North America, Caribbean and the Baltic, as well as being major players in administration of India and South Africa.