Good Relations Week

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Coming Together for a Media Initiative for Children Respecting Difference Workshop (Parents/Carers and Management-Invite only)

With this year's Good Relations theme in mind, we will join 'together' with early years practitioners, parents/carers and members of management teams from early years settings to facilitate discussion and thinking around the Media Initiative for Children Respecting Difference Programme. This workshop will provide parents and others involved from the local community with an opportunity to reflect on their own values, attitudes and prejudices and will highlight the importance of local settings working collaboratively and collectively to drive meaningful progress towards building a shared future for everyone.

6:30 pm

PeacePlayers – Celebrating 20 Years of Building Positive Relations & Celebrating Diversity Through Sport

In its 20th Anniversary Year, PeacePlayers will be hosting a series of events, both on-line and in person, which will celebrate and promote the power of sport for promoting diversity and building sustainable peace..

9:00 am