Community Without Hate

This programme will help you to recognise hate crime and hate-motivated incidents in your community. Become equipped in tools allowing to implement zero tolerance to hate approach in the community. We particularly welcome young people on this course as there will be an OCN accreditation option.

This is a FREE 4 week online course which will take place every Wednesday at 7pm.

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Exploring Cultures Through Art

Young people from the Triax area will come together to explore and celebrate their culture and create a piece of community art.

Three workshops will take place throughout the week exploring their cultures with the last session involving the making of the art piece. This will be shared on BBHF and Fountain social media accounts.

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‘Brighter Futures’ Street Performance

Young people from Enagh Youth Forum will engage in four Good Relations workshops looking at the causes of ‘community division’ and contested space in Derry and beyond. This will culminate in a street performance by the Youth Forum promoting Strathfoyle as a safe and shared space for everyone.

Contact for more information.

The Human Library Experience

Forthspring Inter Community Group and Belfast Multi-Cultural Association will bring together 10 women from across Belfast to share their life journey and experiences in a storytelling arena. The stories will reflect the challenges of daily life in modern Belfast, as well as hopes and aspirations for the future.

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Youth Matters Belfast

Forthspring Inter Community Group and Belfast Multi-Cultural Association will host a Youth workshop exploring the issues and challenges young people face in Belfast growing up – including “ISM’s” and “Phobia’s” as well as the positive things about an increasing multi-cultural Belfast.

Building A Unified Civic Society Voice and Vision for our Future

Community Dialogue will host a consensus building workshop event that will provide participants with the opportunity to empower themselves, to become socially engaged, to build a collective vision, and to challenge the attitudes and systems inhibiting their participation in decision-making processes.

Participants will be supported by our skilled facilitators to explore opportunities to have their voices heard, identify issues that matter to them, build consensus around these issues and contribute to cross-community action plans. With subsequent opportunities to share their experiences and ideas directly with local and regional decision-makers and influencers.

Our event will be open and accessible to all and contributes to efforts to evolve an empowered, united, civic voice and participative movement, working to transform a shared vision for the future into reality.

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BCRC Book Club introduces ‘War and memory’

Building Communities Resource Centre will host a Book Club Session as part of Good Relations Week 2021. Participants will explore book ‘War and Memory’ by Johnston McMaster and Cathy Higgins. Books are supplied by The Junction.

This book club will be facilitated by Gemma Reid.

These sessions will reflect on our history over the last 100 years and provide a unique opportunity for continued shared learning.

Book Club is held via zoom, to book your place –  please contact or or call 02827665068

BCRC 1690 ‘The History of The Twelfth’ Workshop

Building Communities Resource Centre will deliver workshop ‘The History of The Twelfth’ for Good Relations Week.

This workshop will be facilitated by Kathy Wolff and will provide an opportunity for shared learning with a shared history context of 1690 and the lead up to the Battle of The Boyne.

This is just one of four workshops they will be hosting during Good Relations Week 2021. These sessions aim to help participants uncover the fact and fictions held by both communities around the heritage of this time and provide the opportunity to explore and discuss how elements of this history are shared between the two main communities in Northern Ireland.

To book your place, please contact BCRC : 02827665068 or contact or

BCRC Civic Youth Voice Graphic Design Workshop

BCRC  presents craft based workshop offering young members of BCRC Civic Youth Voice the opportunity to come together to develop and design a logo that will represent the BCRC Civic Youth Voice going forward.

This event is in partnership with Courthouse Project Bushmills.

Members are representative of young people across Causeway Coast and Glens and are focused on working collectively, across communities to raise awareness of issues affecting young people today.

To book your place please contact : 02827665068

or email or