What is our brighter days ahead?

Guest speakers including women from The Barronettes group looking at their views on our Brighter Days Ahead and discussing what kind of a future would they like or see.

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Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?

This event is in keeping with the theme ‘Brighter Days Ahead ‘and will focus on reconciliation as participants engage on the topic – “Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?”

There will be opportunities for inter-generational discussion as 6th form students from Enniskillen post-primary schools interact with Church Forum members after input from the keynote speaker Dr. Johnston McMaster well known Trinity College Adjunct Assistant Professor in Reconciliation.

Fermanagh Churches Forum is made up of church members and clergy from different Christian churches in the Enniskillen area who seek to find meaningful ways to engage with the issues affecting people in our local community. This event will be an opportunity to highlight the voices of young people.

This conference will explore aspects of a Shared Future and strategies for building a Shared Future with a special emphasis on hearing how young people see this. A ‘Level students of Politics, History and Religious Studies will have conversations with members of Fermanagh Churches Forum on reconciliation issues that have to be addressed as we journey towards a shared and peaceful future.

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