‘Inspire Us’ Competition

We want your ideas! Get involved in creating a Good Relations advertising campaign for Causeway Coast and Glens, make it your own!

Participants must be residents of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area.

Registration to participate in the competition can be made by contacting goodrelations@rumourmillcomms.com.


Brighter Days Ahead? Local Opinions on Education and Integration

As part of Good Relations Week 2021, results will be shared from recent NI-wide and local polls on themes related to education and integration that confirm strong support for increased integration across council areas and political viewpoints.

This online event aims to encourage discussion and debate on how we can ensure that children and young people from different backgrounds are educated together as part of building Good Relations and assisting our society’s reconciliation process.

For more information, please contact Jessica@ief.org.uk 

Footsteps to Peace – 30 years of Community Relations

Northern Visions delved into recently recorded footage as well as their community archives to highlight community relations practice over the years and bring it to television screens. The documentary “Footsteps to Peace” marked Good Relations Week 2020, which celebrated 30 years of peace building and cultural diversity.

The documentary was screened on NVTV on Wednesday 16 September at 19.50 and repeated during Good Relations Week. NVTV is available on Freeview 7 in the greater Belfast area and on Virgin Media 159 across Northern Ireland. The documentary will also be available to view online at www.nvtv.co.uk

We all Bleed the Same

From the Falls and Shankill areas of Belfast. The film explored the  similarities that exist between both communities, in particular the young people. What emerged is how much they have in common and how the issue of mental health transcends all borders, boundaries, walls, barriers. In partnership with Divis Youth,  Denmark Street Community Centre, St James Swifts and R-City.

Supported by The Executive Office, Good Relations, TBUC: Together Building United Communities

Richard Hayward’s East Antrim Pt3: In Praise of Ulster (Back Home in Ireland)

As part of Good Relations Week, we continue to explore the life and work of Richard Hayward. Hayward made a considerable number of cultural history and travel documentaries. Parts of Co Antrim, including Larne, Boneybefore near Carrickfergus and Broughshane, feature in this film made in 1946 by Richard Hayward called ‘Back Home in Ireland’. This is a travel documentary which tells the story of American troops stationed in Northern Ireland during the Second World War who were part of the build-up of soldiers prior to the invasion of Europe. Hayward narrated the film with a fictional American sergeant. The film includes some wonderful traditional music with songs and dances being performed by Ellie Mulligan and the Johnston School of Dancing, while in one sequence Hayward plays the harp.

Walls of Shame film

Walls of Shame by French film maker Sylvie Garat, is a unique insight into daily life along the Falls/Shankill interface walls. 50 years after the walls went up in August 1969, this political documentary highlights the desires of both communities to move us all “Beyond the Gates”.

Key themes of economic deprivation, peace building, and reconciliation are dealt with in an open an honest way. The uncertainty and de-stabilising impact of Brexit is tackled as we try and plot our future journey together.

Remembering Bunting Festival 2020

Remembering Bunting Festival-Belfast Feb.2020: A short video showing a concert featuring music performance collaboration of youth from Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Royal Scottish Pipe band Assoc. NI, Omagh Community Choir and an internationally acclaimed folk/ trad band from London.

This video submission promotes Good Relations by contributing to the “normalization” of sharing culture in a unified manner. The audio/ visual recording captures the shared celebration of Ulster’s music traditions through respectful and interested exchange and ultimate collaboration, celebration and progressive ambassadorship.