The year 1921 revisited

“The year 1921 revisited” a presentation and Q&A with Dr Eamon Phoenix, will explore the events leading up to the creation of NI, including the Treaty negotiations.

Dr Phoenix is renowned for his objectivity while exploring historical events.

This will assist in promoting Good Relations due to our shared history and a detailed exploration of key events.

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Our Voices: Looking Beyond Borders Launch

NI Youth Forum are proud to launch our first cross-border youth-led research!

This is an island-wide research piece for 11-25 years old’s in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Irish Government.

Through this research, we hope to gather the views of young people on topics such as identity, culture, covid-19, the past and the future.

As with our previous research, we will use these findings to promote the voice of young people and speak truth to power to decision-makers and those in positions of power.

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Meet the Author & Q&A Dialogue – ‘Guard Your Heart’

The workshop will be facilitated by Sue Divin, author of the book, ‘Guard Your Heart’.   Through dialogue, participants will explore themes such as legacy, segregation, stereotypes and prejudice and reflect on how adults play an important role in defining today’s narrative and shaping a brighter future for young people.

Participants will meet people from other faith traditions and communities and recognise the role they play in improving attitudes among young people.  They will learn to shape a narrative that will encourage building positive relationships between young people of different faith and community backgrounds.

Decade of Centenaries Roundtable Discussion

The Community Relations Council presents a discussion and update on the wide range of activities taking place as part of marking the Decade of Centenaries in line with the Principles for Remembering in Public Space.

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T:BUC Engagement Forum

The Engagement Forum will showcase community-based activity that demonstrates positive delivery of the T:BUC Strategy.

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JoinHer Network -Why being a catalyst for change matters

JoinHer presents online webinar ‘Why being a Catalyst For Change Matters’.
Josh O’Hagan gym owner and Anne Carr Community Facilitator will be speaking among this panel.
This is the second event as part of JoinHer Network’s Good Relations Week programme of activities.